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Exalt the Lord

Every Sunday at Calvary, you’ll hear and experience a message that connects the time-tested wisdom of God’s Word to your everyday life. You’ll be encouraged, you’ll be challenged, and you’ll learn something that has meaning for not only a Sunday morning, but for the rest of the week.


Our service is at 10.30 am every Sunday. The services last about an hour and a half. We partake in communion on the first Sunday of every month.


Kids love Calvary! While you’re enjoying the service, your kids are having a fun learning experience of their own, so you can relax. For more on what’s offered visit the Kings' Kids page.


For Parents with babies and very small children, a parent's room and room for nursing mothers is available.

Dress code?

What dress code? Just wear what you’re comfortable in. If you can wear it to the mall, you can wear it to Calvary.


What offering? Just kidding. If you want to give, feel free to drop something in the offering bag (No Obligation).


At 20 Springvale Plaza, 792 Heatherton Road, Springvale 3172, Victoria. As you enter the plaza, Calvary is located at the inner, right-most corner. Just look for the sign of the Cross on the roof.

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