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Community Care Centre

The very essence of Christianity is “Love” – Love for God and Love for those around us. The Community Care Centre is a demonstration of God’s love on display not just in words but in action. We believe that we are called to make a difference as a church, bringing hope in situations of hopelessness.


Through the Community Care Centre, we provide free food and clothing on fortnightly basis to the needy in our community.

Centre Hours: Every Tuesday 10:00 am – 3.00 pm

For all those on a Healthcare or Pension card.

International Students & Families Support

Within the framework of our mission projects at the church, we are dedicated to offering invaluable support to international students, facing the multifaceted challenges of pursuing academic excellence while juggling strenuous work commitments.


This initiative involves the provision of thoughtfully assembled essential food resources. By extending this helping hand, we aim to alleviate the intricate balance between the demands of studies and the necessity of earning a livelihood that these students grapple with on a daily basis. Our mission encapsulates a spirit of compassion and unity, fostering a welcoming environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can find not only sustenance but also a sense of belonging and understanding.

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