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Our Vision

Minister, reach & raise children through God's love, equipping them to be leaders in their generation

At CWC we believe that children are a blessing from God and we are passionate about helping them in their journey with Jesus. Each child has a plan and a purpose in life and we are here to partner with you as parents/guardians in helping them achieve this.

Our Sunday kids services are held at 10.30am each Sunday morning. We also have a 'connect time' from 10.00am; this is when we have games and other fun activities for the kids (aged 2yrs - 12yrs) to do and enjoy before our kids service begins. Every Sunday morning, while their parents enjoy the service, kids enjoy fun, exciting programs designed just for them. Our trained workers provide a safe, caring environment for your kids to learn about how much God loves them. In God’s eyes and ours, your kids are All Stars! We look forward to seeing you there!!

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