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Our Vision

To Inspire and Connect young people to God through the good news of Jesus Christ

Eternal Effect is the Youth Ministry of Calvary Worship Centre. We would love for you to join us each month for our Youth and Young Adults nights and weekly at any of our Life Group sessions.


We also have super fun summer and winter camps with some great activities. A great time to connect with each other and God in a fun environment. Don't worry parents, these are fully supervised events!

Life Groups

At Calvary Worship Centre, the church family meets together on Sundays for worship and teaching, but we live out our Christian lives in community. We grow in our faith through meeting in small groups called "Life Groups." One evening each week, we meet together in Life Groups for fellowship, worship, prayer and bible study. We encourage you to join a Life Group and grow in your experience with God. Our life group leaders will love to hear from you if you are interested in attending one of the meetings.

Youth Nights

Youth nights are a time for the young people to come to an environment they can feel comfortable to hang out with their peers and connect with God in a personal way.

Youth Camps

Youth camps are a great time for young people to connect and find God. We create an environment where we are far away from the distractions of the world to focus on God and their spiritual growth.

2023 Life Groups

Cranbourne: Wednesday at 7.30pm

Contact: Dominique Dharmasiri

P: 0401 906 288 

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