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Life Groups

At Calvary Worship Centre, the church family meets together on Sundays for worship and teaching, but we live out our Christian lives in community. We grow in our faith through meeting in small groups called "Life Groups." One evening each week, Life Groups meet together for fellowship, worship, prayer, and bible study. We encourage you to join a Life Group and grow in your experience with God. Our life group leaders will love to hear from you if you are interested in attending one of the meetings.


Lynbrook: Wednesday at 7.30pm


Destiny Beling : 0470 440 556

Nathan Raymond : 0422 541 003


Young Adult

Cranbourne: Wednesday at 7.30pm

Contact: Dominique Dharmasiri

P: 0401 906 288 

Zoom: Tuesday at 7.45pm

Contact: Andrew Beling

P: 0403 153 231


Cranbourne: Thursday at 7.30pm

Contact: Melissa Dharmasiri

P: 0420 289 557


Clyde / Lyndhurst: Wednesday at 7.30pm
Contact: Cheryl Solomons

P: 0430 353 754


Keysborough: Wednesday at 7.30pm

Contact: Gamini Liyanage

P: 0466 057 944

Lynbrook: Thursday at 7.30pm
Contact: Sinniah Sanmuga

P: 9799 4232

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