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Missions hold a central and indispensable role within the fabric of our ministry at CWC. We are dedicated to the empowering and nurturing of rural pastors, in the countries we work in, enabling them to carry out impactful ministry within their communities. This commitment is realized through multifaceted approaches, including educational assistance for bible school students and the facilitation of seminars to equip and encourage pastors in fulfilling their God given call.

Furthermore, our outreach extends to uplifting the lives of approximately 600 underprivileged children every week. Through this endeavour, we not only provide these children with a wholesome meal, but also demonstrate to them that they are valued, believed in and have a future and a hope. 

Additionally, our missions encompass a heartfelt dedication to meet the needs of around 180 destitute widows. We understand the challenges these resilient women face daily, and thus we stand beside them with in providing them with essential support. Through our initiatives, we strive to alleviate their burdens, fostering a sense of community, compassion, and security.

In this holistic pursuit of Missions, we embrace our role as a catalyst for change, an agent of love, and a beacon of hope within both our local and global spheres. Through each endeavour, we are privileged to witness lives transformed, empowered, and touched by the profound grace of God.

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